BEST & WORST Dog Food for PUPPIES 🤓🐶

BEST & WORST Dog Food for PUPPIES 🤓🐶

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Kibble, raw dog food, canned food - what is the best food for puppies?! Today, I share the best puppy food that I fed my puppy, and my rescue foster puppies

Bringing home a new puppy is stressful enough, and these are my thoughts on HOW to feed your new puppy.

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*Please note, do not try anything anything in this video at home without parent supervision and approval. Also, I am not a professional dog trainer or veterinarian. Any recos, suggestions or advice are simply my opinion and what works for me. Please always seek professional guidance before taking any action. Please foster and train dogs at your own risk under adult supervision and approval. My content may include affiliate and/or sponsored links.

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