Tips for leash training your dog with prong collar

Tips for leash training your dog with prong collar

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2 July, 2022
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In this video, I discuss training your dog to walk on leash using a prong or pinch collar. The brand of prong collar that I recommend is a herm sprenger. The two sizes that I use are either a 3.0 mm or a 2.25 mm. I prefer a 3.0 mm for large dogs with thick coats and a 2.25 mm for short coated or smaller dogs.
The key to training with the prong collar is to teach the dog how to avoid the pressure of the collar. When the dog pushes into the pressure of the collar, you want to show the dog how to move off the pressure and that is when you release the tension with the leash. I will often use food rewards initially to reward the dog for coming off of pressure. Once the dog understands this concept, you can begin going on your normal walks.

If you want to teach the dog to walk at your side, you will position the dog where you want them with slack in the leash. When they begin to forge out of position, you can give them a cue such as "Easy" or "ah, ah" before applying backwards pressure on the collar. I will usually take a step back myself to interrupt the dog's forward movement. I demonstrate this more clearly in other leash walking videos.

Practice walking straight lines and left circles if your dog is on your left side. If your dog is on your right side, practice right circles.
Pros & Cons:
*Collar gives you better control over hard pulling strong dogs.
*Dogs acclimate to the collar fairly quickly
*Works well to stop lunging towards various distractions such as cars, other dogs, squirrels, etc
*Collars can sometimes pop off. (Your collar should be equipped with a back up safety option)
*There is a learning curve for the owner in order to use the collar effectively. The main mistake owners make is not using the leash to release the pressure of the collar in a timely manner.

The prong collar can be a very useful tool to add to your training toolbox. It is important to understand how to use the collar appropriately so you don't confuse your dog in communicating what you want from them.

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Title: Tips for leash training your dog with prong collar
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